Ford’s 10-Speed Transmission Shows You All the Gears!

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All-New 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor with auto start-stop technology

Not too long ago, a 4-speed or 5-speed automatic transmission was all the rage. But as time progressed, more gears were added. For the 2017 F-150, that means a whopping 10 forward gears. While this might seem Huffy-esque, there are many benefits to more gears. To help you keep track of them all, Ford displays them in the instrument cluster.

The visual is actually pretty cool. It reminds me a bit of a giant countdown clock to the launch of a missile or something. If you’ve driven the 2015 or newer F-150, you’ll notice that you can display all 6 gears at once in the instrument cluster. As the truck shifts, the highlighted gear number moves up and down the list. With the 10-speed, there are just more numbers to display.


While important, the display of the 10 gears is far less significant than the transmission itself. One of my criticisms of the current F-150 is the 6-speed automatic. It’s a fine transmission and it works, but the competition is now using 8-speed boxes in almost all of their applications. More gears allows the manufacturer to tune for better fuel economy — which is important for CAFE regulations — as well as vary the overall gearing of the entire range. That can improve towing performance.

So I’m really excited to try out the new, Livonia-built, 10-speed when it shows up for the 2017 model year, including the transmission that resides in Ford’s Raptor super truck.

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