Ford Work Solutions in the 2011 Super Duty

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The new 2011 Ford Super Duty trucks will be modern space-age trucks capable of acting as your office on wheels using Ford Work Solutions and keeping you organized and on time throughout your workday. Part of Ford’s available technology to allow 2011 Super Duty truck owners to stay in touch with the office while at the job site or keep a record of the tools on site at all times, Ford Work Solutions includes features you need to keep business in order.

In the dash of new 2011 Super Duty trucks you’ll find a computer with high-speed Internet access and a 4.2-inch LCD screen that makes it easy to use all of the 2011 Super Duty’s abilities. Also included is a wireless printer to make your life at the site a lot easier and print out all the important documents you need while at the site and Tool Link, a Radio-Frequency Identification tracking system that allows you to maintain a real-time inventory of tools and equipment in the truck. In addition they added Crew Chief, a telemetric diagnostic system used to keep your fleet manager aware of the exact location of your 2011 Super Duty at all times of the day or night and provide you with access to your maintenance records when it’s most important, and Cable Lock, a security system you can use to put your valuable pieces of equipment away from temptation in the cargo area of your new 2011 Ford Super Duty truck.

What do you think of these innovations in a classically tough work truck? Something you’ve been waiting for? Or is it unnecessary?

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