Ford Won’t Build You a Bronco But This Guy Will

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One of the rumors that never seems to die is that Ford will resurrect the Bronco name and once again build the iconic off-roader. But one thing many of you who want it fail to realize is that it won’t be like the Broncos of old. Just look at the new Raptor as a template to how the new Bronco would go.

But what do you do if you really, really want a classic Bronco, but want to to be new and reliable? You contact Classic Ford Broncos just outside of Columbus, Ohio.

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Bryan Rood stumbled into the business after seeing an old Bronco that he just had to have. He shelled out $5,000 for it, and drove it around for awhile. So many people asked him about it and wanted to buy it that he sold it for $12,000. That’s not a bad deal for virtually no work.

Since they, he started buying and restoring old Broncos to sell. He prefers to control the whole process, so he tries to avoid restoring other peoples’ vehicles. He’d rather buy one himself, restore it, and then sell it as a complete package.

He quickly learned that people want the iconic look and design from a classic Ford Bronco, but want a new engine, transmission, air conditioning, interior, and new paint.

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Business has been good for Bryan, He owns a 5,000 sq/ft facility where the restore work is done, and he employs 5 people.

Buying a restored Bronco isn’t cheap. They start at $75,000 and work up to $125,000. But how badly do you want a new Bronco? Are they worth the price he charges?

“The value is however you price it and whatever somebody is willing to pay,” he says. “There’s no book value on nostalgia.”


People want his Broncos quite badly. He has an 18-month waiting list currently, and he believes if he had the production capacity to sell more, he’d sell every single one that he makes.

He personalizes the entire process to the individual buyer. He doesn’t just offer some cars for sale, he questions the buyer on what they’re going to use it for, and works with the buyer to create the perfect Bronco restoration just for them. And if the client is satisfied with the results, he’ll give them their money back.


Most of his clients come from the Internet, and they actively seek him out. He’s only sold 2 to residents of Ohio. Also, don’t go out trying to seek his facility, it’s hidden pretty well.

Apparently, at a more visible location he once had, people would stop in and just want to talk about cars and Broncos. That was distracting and made it difficult to get work done. I know how talking about cars with people lowers my productivity.

Looking for some solid proof that this guy’s stuff is legit? Check out the testimonials on his page. He’s sold restored Broncos to professional athletes, and they couldn’t be happier with them.


For those of you that are upset that Ford won’t let you get your Bronco on with a new version, Classic Ford Broncos helps you get your Bronco fix.

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