Ford Will Hand Select the New Owners of the Ford GT

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The new Ford GT is one of the most anticipated new supercars perhaps of the last decade. It was built in secret and truly stunned everyone at the Detroit Auto Show when it was unveiled. The car has a 700+ horsepower twin-turbocharged V6 engine, a carbon fiber tub, and a host of other racing inspired gadgets that are too numerous to list.

However, all is not sunshine and honey in the land of the Ford GT. We like all the things mentioned above, but then Ford kind of went off the rails with the rest of the supercars details. First off, only 250 cars will be built. And Ford will sell this car for $400,000 a pop. These two numbers are very different from what the last Ford GT was. However, it seems Ford isn’t stopping there with the company’s odd ideas.


Like Ferrari and that company’s special edition cars, Ford will essentially take your request to buy a Ford GT, and only when you are deemed good enough for a car will you be able to order one. That’s right, Ford will pick and choose who gets the new Ford GT.

I’m sorry, but seriously, you’re Ford, not Ferrari. You are the every man company, not the “only you, you, not you,” company. This seems like it will cause a real backlash among the faithful, at least to us. But what do you all think? Is this the right move for Ford?

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