Ford vs Chevy Tug of War Ends with Decisive Winner

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Classic battle of strength and power ends with a Ford towing a Chevy across a parking lot!

There are many ways to measure a particular truck against another. Horsepower and torque ratings, towing and payload capacity, the list goes on and on. And we keep inventing ways to determine which brand is best, from reliability to straight up drag racing and even tractor pulls. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty of Ford vs Chevy, we just hook a chain up and duke it out. Yes, we’re referring to the feat of strength known as the tug of war.

Across the web, a simple search will net you (pun intended) seemingly endless videos of such shenanigans. But none are quite as funny as this Ford vs Chevy oldie but goodie. Partially because the Chevy doesn’t stand a chance from the get go. But mostly because the Ford driver puts an exclamation mark on the whole thing by dragging him around the parking lot.

Ford vs Chevy

And yes, we’re well aware of the obviously unbalanced level of competition here. While engine displacement and power is somewhat similar (460 Ford vs Chevy 454), there are some obvious advantages working in the Ford’s favor. For starters, it’s four-wheel drive while the Chevy is two-wheel drive. And the Chevy is a half-ton, while the Ford is a much heavier F-350.

Physics aside, it’s still a wildly entertaining video. And it’s pretty clear that the Chevy driver didn’t know what he was getting into. Or let his ego get the best of him. Either way, we can safely chock this one up as a major “L” for Chevy fans in general. So feel free to share this with them, just to remind them that not only are Fords tougher than Chevys, their fans are smarter, too!

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