Ford Vehicles Travel Rough Roads So You Can Have a Smooth Ride

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Ford Ride Development Road 7

When the 2017 Ford Fusion V6 Sport model arrives in dealerships this summer, it will officially be the first Blue Oval car in the U.S. to feature Continuous Control Damping with Pothole Mitigation technology that can detect and minimize the impact of potholes. It probably won’t be the last, though.

Ford Ride Development Road 2

Ford puts a lot of time, money, and effort into developing chassis systems and innovations that can help its vehicles better handle rough road conditions. At its test facility in Lommel, Belgium, the Blue Oval has a 1.2-mile road that “incorporates potholes from Europe and the U.S., and simulates more than 100 hazards from 25 countries worldwide.” It’s gone to places all over the world just to find those pavement imperfections and the gnarliest, nastiest roads.

Ford Ride Development Road 3

Before Ford punishes a development vehicle at the complex, the company hooks it up to equipment similar to that used by seismologists who study earthquakes. It then drives the hapless car over road surfaces that range from cobble stones to speed bumps at speeds up 46 mph so it can measure the loads on and strains to the suspension and other pieces of hardware. As drivers, we have to rely on much less sophisticated equipment to tell if all of that torture and toil was worthwhile: our butts in the driver seat.

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