‘Ford Truck Enthusiasts’ at Work Truck Show (Photos)

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Ford puts the hammer down on commercial applications for virtually every industry imaginable.

The Work Truck Show is the nation’s largest show for–you guessed it–work trucks. It is sponsored by NTEA: The Association for the Work Truck Industry. But, it’s not just commercial vehicles that are on display at the yearly event in Indianapolis, Indiana. You’ll also find the best outfitting and accessory companies in the entire industry.

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If you’re Coca-Cola and you’re looking to purchase 700 trucks for product distribution, you’re likely to set foot at The Work Truck Show. If you’re UPS and you want to learn about new hybrid powertrains for Ford Transit vans, then attending the event is a must. If you’re a truck outfitter and are looking for the latest on lighting, liners, body armor and mechanical components, this show is your show. Catch our drift? This is where everyone in the truck industry goes to either buy or sell their products.

Taking advantage of key industry players all being in one place is important to Ford, and the Blue Oval is certainly capitalizing on that at The Work Truck Show. So far, they’ve announced the electrification and hydraulic hybrid solutions for a range of Ford vehicles popular with fleet and commercial customers. These include the F-150, F-250 to F-550 Super Duty, F-650 and F-750 medium-duty trucks, Transit and E-Series vans and chassis trucks.

work truck

Ford Truck Enthusiast is on-site at The Work Truck Show, which runs through March 17. Enjoy the shots and stay tuned for more!

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