Ford Trucks Top Another ‘Most Stolen’ List

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Ford Trucks

If you happen to live in the Houston area (or anywhere, really), you might want to keep an extra eye on your beloved ride!

Dear owners of Ford trucks: we have some good news and some bad news. The good news: You own one of the most sought-after trucks around. The bad news? Well, it’s sought after in more ways than one. We’ve routinely seen Ford trucks top the nation’s “most stolen” lists in recent times, and now it’s landed on yet another one. According to the Houston Heights Patch and the Houston Police, there’s nothing thieves in the area covet more than Ford trucks.

In March alone, Houston-area car thieves lifted 173 Ford trucks from their owners. Which is a whopping 27% of the total thefts for the month. If you factor in Chevy trucks (which aren’t much a factor, really), thieve’s thirst for pickups accounts for more than half of that number. And to be honest, we aren’t really surprised by that stunning statistic.

Ford Trucks

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