Ford Trucks to Star in Barrett-Jackson Auction

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by Adam Pockross

If you like Ford trucks (and really, if you don’t, you’re probably in the wrong forum), then you should love Barrett-Jackson auctions. Barrett-Jackson features a virtual history lesson’s worth of Ford truck beauties and beasts, as well as pretty much everything else under the automotive sun.

Barrett-Jackson’s 41st annual Scottsdale auction is coming round the bend, scheduled from Sunday, Jan. 15, to Sunday, Jan. 22, at WestWorld of Scottsdale. And that’s good news if you’re a Ford Truck fan, because they have all sorts of worthy consignments, just waiting for the highest bidder. Here’s but a tiny preview of some of the myriad Ford trucks involved…

Lot #340 – 1931 Ford AA Flatbed Truck

Wouldn’t it be great to drive a piece of American history? If you’ve ever dreamed of using the same truck that Al Capone used for his business ventures, this is the truck for you. But it’s not just great for transporting liquor across state-lines, it’s perfect for car shows! In fact, this beaut already won the 2009 Award of Excellence at the National Model A Club of America show, just after it was completely restored to original condition. And it’s only put on 120 miles since.

Lot #691 – 1974 Ford F-100 Pickup

A gem of a truck, decked out in showroom, original condition, both inside and out. She sports a 360cid V8 with only 12,600 miles. This baby was used briefly upon purchase and then put away pampered like a Beverly Hills housewife. Even the bed is free of scratches. Fully optioned with the Ranger XLT package. When you’re driving around town in this Midnight Blue beauty, every driver on the road will pull over to let you pass, as they sing David Allan Coe in your honor.

Lot #705.6 – 2011 Ford Explorer

What’s so exciting about a 2011 Ford Explorer? Rock and roll, man, rock and roll. This truck comes straight from Poison front-man Bret Michaels’ personal collection. Of course, it could be the most beatup Explorer in the world, and it would still be better than any Explorer not driven by Glam Rock royalty, but as a bonus, this low mile 2011 Explorer Limited is fully-loaded and perfectly cared for. Aside from selling off two other consignments at the upcoming Scottsdale auction, Michaels, who is an avid car collector, will also be performing at the Opening Gala. Even if every rose might have its thorn, this lot still comes up roses. Okay, that was a stretch.

Lot #31: – 1965 Ford Econoline Custom Van

If you just looked at the lot number and description of this one, you might skip on by, unless of course you’re way into mid-sixties Econolines. But upon closer inspection, you may just start the bidding. Your very own Mystery Machine! Can you imagine? Solving mysteries. Eating Scooby Snacks. Unmasking bad guys. Hanging out with Shaggy. And you can live in it. It would be like living in a giant, awesome lunch box.  

Lot #642.1 – 1972 Ford Bronco

This 2-door ’72 Bronco has all its original parts, including the wheels and hub caps, that it had when it left Dearborn forty years ago. The only difference is that it’s put on some 71,000 miles, a new paint job (18 years ago) and a dual exhaust mod. Rust-free. Always stored in doors. And so perfectly yellow. If OJ had been driving this instead of that white ’93 Bronco, he would have been so busy waxing his truck that he never would have gotten into all that trouble.

This is just the tip of the Ford Truck iceberg to be represented at the 2012 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction. Head on over to Barrett-Jackson’s site to check ’em out. Or head on over to the forums to shout out about your opening bids!

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