Ford Trucks Shine Big and Bright In Texas

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Annual Truck Rodeo Bestows Honor Upon Ford’s Line
by Jason Giacchino

They say the stars at night are big and bright down there in Texas. Ford proved this to be true, as the stars of the Ford Truck fleet showed off big and bright recently at the annual Truck Rodeo, taking home a nice pile of awards including the Truck of Texas title.

The scene went down at the Knibbe Ranch in Spring Branch, Texas where the 62 print, broadcast, electronic and social media members who make up the Texas Auto Writers Association got together to decide who ruled the state. They took a long hard stare at brands of fourteen manufacturers spanning some 46 vehicles entered in the categories. Like an old school shootout, they squared up SUV’s, CUV’s and Pickup Trucks against each other.

And guess who won this here showdown? Becoming this year’s Truck of Texas, the 2012 Ford F-150 dethroned last year’s winner, the 2011 Dodge Ram Longhorn as the theme from “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” played in the background.

Ford also picked up a plethora of other awards along the way, including most the major truck categories: The 2012 Ford F-250 King Ranch Super Duty took the lead in the Heavy-Duty Pickup Truck category. The 2012 Ford F-150 Platinum EcoBoost bested the bunch in the Luxury Pickup Truck set. And in the Full-Size Pickup Truck category, the 2012 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor won the west.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the entire line of Ford Pickups took home the Truck Line of Texas award for the 12th consecutive year.

After it was all said and done, Ford took home eight awards in total, highlighted by the F150 capturing the most coveted title of the show: Truck of Texas.

The Texas Auto Writers Association’s annual Truck Rodeo is considered by many to be the industry’s most prestigious journalist-selected truck and SUV competition. Traditionally, automakers heavily market their victories in marketing campaigns across Texas and the southwest.

The complete list of Ford winners taking top honors in their respective categories shook out as follows:
“¢    Truck of Texas: 2012 Ford F-150
“¢    Truck Line of Texas: Ford Motor Company
“¢    CUV of Texas: 2012 Ford Edge
“¢    Heavy-Duty Pickup Truck: 2012 Ford F-250 King Ranch Super Duty
“¢    Luxury Pickup Truck: 2012 Ford F-150 Platinum EcoBoost
“¢    Full-Size Pickup Truck: 2012 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
“¢    Mid-Size CUV: 2012 Ford Edge Limited
“¢    Outstanding Feature: Ford EcoBoost Engine Technology

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