Ford Trucks Tearing It Up at Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day

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Check out Ford truck action from this past weekend’s Auto Enthusiast Day!

Nitto Tire invited us out to check out the fourth annual Auto Enthusiast Day this past weekend. Held at Angel Stadium in Orange County, California, the event has a bit of everything happening in Southern California car culture. Naturally, trucks had a prominent showing at the event, and fortunately for us, most of them were Fords.

For example, check out this super clean Bronco. With a spiffed up 5.0 and shocks that would make a Raptor blush, it looks like an awesome beach cruiser.

Additionally, Ford and Nitto specifically brought Formula Drift ace Vaughn Gittin Jr out to show off his cool Fords. While Gittin is known for his Mustangs, he also has a bitchin’ F-150. This EcoBoost V6 truck is 2WD, with air ride, upgraded turbos, a hydraulic handbrake and 35″ Nitto tires, among other upgrades. Power is quoted around 550 horses, and same for the torque rating. That explains how he was able to light up those 35s all day. Yes, Gittin wheeled his F-150 around better than more car owners could. Ford F-150 Drift Vaughn Gittin Jr RTR Nitto Tire Auto Enthusiast Day 2017

Of course, that is one rad truck. However, this Ultra4 off-road racing truck was absolutely nuts, as was its pilot, who was determined to put on a good show. Check out the video the beginning. The driver was trying 360 degree spins and almost smashed through the barricade. In fact, it was only moments later when he did smash the barriers. Note the flat tire of shame as it limped off the stage.

If the pictures weren’t enough, here’s a GIF sequence of some of the madness that went down. Needless to say Auto Enthusiast Day 2017 was a blast, and we can’t wait for next year. Drift Ultra4 Off-road King of Hammers Nitto Tire Auto Enthusiast Day 2017

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