Ford Trucks Rank Lowest in Driver Fatalities

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IIHS report compares driver deaths per million vehicles registered. Ford leads in safety technology.

One of the common benefits of driving a truck is the added safety, primarily due to their size. Sure, small cars can be more efficient, look stylish, and easier to park, but modern SUVs and trucks have caught up in terms of safety. According to a recent IIHS safety report ranking 2014 model year vehicles, Ford trucks rank near the top versus the rest of the trucks on the market.

Leading the way is the Ford F-150. Four F-150 models ranked in the top six of all large pickup trucks. The only truck to score a lesser “death rate” was the Toyota Tundra, although considering the number of vehicles registered in 2014 (ranked as exposure in the study), the Tundra’s can’t really compare.


According to the study, the lowest death rate among F-150s was the Ford F-150 SuperCab 2WD with only 20 deaths from all almost 400,000 2014 models registered. Even more impressive was the Ford F-150 SuperCrew 4WD; with only 24 deaths out of the over 2 million registered! Now that’s safety in numbers.

Not to be outdone, the Ford truck with the least number of deaths is the Ford F-350 Crew Cab 4WD with only 13 deaths. That number puts the F-350 on the top of all large and “very large trucks” according to the IIHS. The next closest int he “very large truck” category is the GMC Sierra 2500 Crew Cab 4WD with double the number of deaths with 27.

It’s clear that if you want the safest trucks on the market, make sure to buy a Ford!

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