These Ford Trucks Were Caught Doing What?! (Video)

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Wheelies, rollovers, and racing against Lamborghinis, these are the many amazing capabilities of Ford trucks.

As Ford Truck Enthusiasts, we love watching these beautiful vehicles do incredible things. Every now and then we come across videos that really catch our attention, typically because they show how folks really use their Ford trucks. You know, not like they do in the tv commercials.

We’ve all heard the slogan “Built Ford Tough.” It’s the phrase seared into our brains from the Ford marketing team that helps separate Ford trucks from the rest. The word “tough” can mean a lot of things to different Ford enthusiasts. In these Instagram videos below, you’re going to see trucks show off their toughness in several crazy ways. From racing against a $45ok Lamborghini, to a miniature F-250 showing that no rock is too big! Heck, even the true epitome of “Built Ford Tough” as a rolled-over Raptor protected the driver and his four-legged companion during a nasty crash.

Stay tough!

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