Ford Taps Design Students’ Creativity for Future F-Series

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Ford hopes the students of the College for Creative Studies will bring an outside perspective to its most important vehicles.

The Ford Motor Company knows exactly where their bread is buttered, so to speak. They are wildly aware that the F-150 has consistently been their best-selling vehicle, and that the F-Series has been the best-selling line of trucks in North America for four decades. Now, they’ve teamed up with design students in order to keep ahead of the curve and not give an inch to the competition. The goal? To develop the future of the Ford truck.

According to Wired, Ford has enlisted 16 students from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan to work on a project dubbed “Future Truck.” Original, huh? The purpose of this project is for these students to rethink the pickup truck as we know it, and come up with an idea of what the F-150 will look like in the coming decades.


“The project we’re giving them is ‘Future Truck’,” said Craig Metros, Ford Exterior Design Director to the publication. “We just rolled out a brief with the history of F-150, how it’s developed as a product, where it is today, and glimpses of it going into the future.”

Ford truck fans might find this a little jarring. After all, what is a group of “kids” going to know about trucks, especially when some of them have probably never driven one? For Ford, these are the exact reasons why they’ve enlisted their help. With automation and alternative fuels changing the way people interact with vehicles, the future of vehicle design and manufacturing is at a crossroads. Plus, this is exactly what these students have decided to study for their careers, so why not start a little early?


The report points out that this isn’t the first time a company reaches out to qualified students for input. Keep in mind that this is common practice at Google, Apple, Microsoft, Shell, and SpaceX. Or in other words, some of the most advanced companies currently in business.

“What I’m looking for is some of the rocks that haven’t been uncovered yet,” Metros said. Overall, “Future Truck” will be considered a success if just one of the many ideas submitted turn out to be gold. Either way, Ford isn’t resting on its laurels. Their innovative minds are focusing on the future, hoping the F-Series remains the industry leader for another 40 years.

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