Ford Truck Tent Options

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There are several Ford truck tent options that can make your camping experience more fun. Using a truck tent can give you a comfortable camping experience without the worry of finding a flat spot to set up your tent, or setting out stakes to secure it. You will be up off the ground away from bugs and snakes. Truck tents are waterproof and durable, and come in a variety of styles and sizes. There are also some accessories that are available to buy with your tent. Consider some options before purchasing your tent.


Ford truck tent options come in a variety of styles designed to meet your needs. Consider a tent with a moon roof. You may want windows on the sides for optimal viewing and ventilation. The windows are covered with mesh so that no one can see inside the tent, and so that no bugs may enter either. The tents come in a variety of colors so you can choose one to match your Ford truck. Check out the interior of the tent. Many come with hangers for lanterns and pockets for storage. You can buy your tent to match the size of your Ford truck whether your bed is long or short. Most tents are designed so that there is a flap for access to the rear window of the truck.

Easy Set-up

It is important to purchase a truck tent that is durable and made of heavy nylon material. All straps should be heavy duty able to withstand the wear and tear of use. Your tent should be easy to assemble in just a few easy steps. The tent door is easily slipped over the tailgate. Straps with J hooks are fastened over the fender and body of the truck at different points along the truck bed. Many types of tents come with color coded poles so you know exactly where each pole goes. Once the straps inside the tent are in position, its just a matter of making sure all of the poles are secure. This type of tent can easily be set up by one person. Some tents are self standing with an extra portion that be fastened to the bed of your truck for extra sleeping room.

Accessories and Cost

There are many Ford truck tent options which can make your camping trip a little easier and more comfortable. Since some truck tents do not have a floor, you may want to consider purchasing an air mattress. You can purchase a mattress that is custom fit to your truck bed. Rain flies are available for extra coverage for cooking or other activities. Tent prices, as of 2011, start at around $150 for simpler models, and increase to around $300 for bigger, fancier styles.

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