Ford Truck and SUV Sales Explode in March

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Ford Truck

Host of new products and consumer thirst for higher trim levels continues to pay off for the Blue Oval.

Ford truck and SUV sales have enjoyed impressive results for quite some time now. Almost to the point where it feels redundant to even mention yet another successful sales month. But the numbers for March are in, and they are absolutely stunning. March marked the 11th straight month of gains in F-Series sales, for starters. Ford moved a whopping 87,011 trucks last month, a 6.7% increase. And that isn’t even the best part. That performance marked the best March for the F-Series in 18 years.

As red hot as Ford truck sales are, the brand’s latest SUV offerings are facing unprecedented demand. The all-new Expedition enjoyed retail gains of an incredible 46.1%, and the new ‘ute is only averaging 17 days on dealer lots. Consumers continue to prefer higher trim levels, as the Platinum Expedition accounted for 26% of that increase. And the Expedition’s brother, the Lincoln Navigator, continued it’s hot streak with an amazing 101.6% jump over last year.

Ford Truck and SUV Sales

And it isn’t just full-size SUVs enjoying impressive gains. Bot the Edge (18.7%) and carry-over Explorer (3.9%) posted positive results as well. Overall, SUV sales jumped 7.3% in March, an all-time record for Ford. And that’s taking into account the fact that Ford is still working to keep up with demand for these new products. As inventories continue to improve, so will sales.

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