Ford Truck Saves Stuck Semi from Snowstorm!

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Ford Truck

When Great Lakes towns recently found themselves buried in lake effect snow, Ford truck owners came to the rescue!

If there’s one thing we know about Ford truck owners, it’s that they’re the first to help when help is needed. We saw this multiple times last year when scores of trucks aided hurricane victims. And even though it might not classify as a disaster, we’re also seeing plenty of Ford truck owners helping out in the recent winter storms.

When the lake-bordering counties of Ohio got battered with well over a foot of the white stuff a couple of weeks ago, police were telling folks to simply stay home. Heavy winds and sub-zero temps started up the lake effect snow machine, essentially burying roads faster than road crews could clear them.

Ford Truck

If you aren’t fortunate enough to live near one of our Great Lakes, suffice it to say that lake effect snow is much less predictable than system snow. Mostly because it’s pretty hard to predict how winds will shift. So as you might imagine, this makes it particularly rough on truck drivers who have to traverse the Midwest in the winter.

Luckily, during this recent lake effect snow event, there were plenty of Ford truck owners willing to help out. Including Mark Grice, who easily pulled a semi to safety with his heavy duty ’90s Ford truck out in Painesville, Ohio. The video of the incident, shot by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, is reportedly just one of several instances of good Samaritans helping remove stuck vehicles during the heavy snow storm.

Just another example of how Ford truck owners are always willing to help when needed. And when you own the most capable line of pickups on the planet, it’s pretty easy to do!

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