Ford Truck Power Seats, Yay or Nay? – Question of the Week

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For some Ford truck owners, comfort and convenience are a top priority. For others, simplicity, price, and reliability come first.

Call us crazy, but seat comfort and quality are just as important as power and towing capacity. What’s the point of building a capable truck that folks can’t stand to sit in? Besides regular consumers, most commercial Ford pickups can be driven upwards of 14 hours a day! Clearly, seats are very important.

But, what about power adjustable seats? Sure, they are offered on pretty much every Ford product and they are standard on most trims, but do folks prefer them over manually adjusted seats? Since they were introduced decades ago, power seats have been marketed as a premium feature. But are they?


Consider this scenario: A husband and wife share a new Ford F-150 XLT, which comes with power adjustable front seats. The husband is about a foot taller than the wife, so every time she gets in she moves the driver’s seat way up so she can reach the controls (do not factor adjustable pedals for the sake of this scenario).

When the husband goes to drive the F-150, he has to stand outside the truck and wait as he moves the seat back far back enough so he can enter the truck. Their previous pickup had manual seats, so adjusting it was quick and easy. Is it a major or minor annoyance? Albeit one that memory power seats can fix.


As time goes on, the electronic bits are prone to wear and tear faster than a manual seat, and therefore run a greater chance of failing some 10 or so years down the road. On the other hand, manual seat failures are practically unheard of due to their simple design.

This is a tricky debate. Opt for a better seat configuration, ease of use and the comfort of power seats regardless of the memory feature, or choose the tried-and-true manual option?

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