Ford Truck Laden Instagram Is Dentside, Bumpside Heaven

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Ford Truck

We found the place to scope out and show off your old Ford truck, and you’re going to want to see this!

We’re huge fans of Instagram around these parts, and for good reason. It’s quite simply the perfect platform for Ford truck owners to show off their rides, over and over again. But most of the pages we feature here at Ford Truck Enthusiasts are those belonging to owners who only show off their own trucks. That is not the case with the amazing bumpside_beaters, however.

Sure, the owner of said page has a pretty sweet Bumpside himself, and it gets plenty of love. But he also asks that owners of both Bumpside and Dentside Ford trucks DM him their trucks so that they can be featured as well! But let us warn you – don’t even start scrolling until you have a lot of spare time on your hands. Because we found ourselves in a veritable time suck scoping out the hundreds of awesome rides!

Ford Truck

It’s no secret that ’60s and ’70s Fords are a favorite around here, and this page focuses solely on that era. Other than that, there are no rules. From stock original trucks to lifted, mud-slinging customs, there’s a little something for everyone here. Including lots of rare stuff like early OEM four-wheel drives and even a few crew cabs! And, every so often, a couple of ’50s trucks, too. Because we can’t completely disregard them, now can we?

Ford Truck

So, if you’ve got a Dentside or Bumpside, whether it be a project or stocker, here’s a great way to show it off. With nearly 12,000 followers, it’s clear that we aren’t alone in our love of old Ford trucks. Just be prepared to spend more time than you think scrolling through all of these killer pickups!

Ford Truck

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