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Ford Truck Flat Towing

It might seem strange to tow a Ford truck instead of towing with it. But apparently, they’re made to do that, too!

It’s quite common for us to think of our Ford trucks as towing vessels. Because, well, they’re built to tow and haul some pretty massive loads. What we don’t often think about, however, is flat towing our Ford behind an RV. In fact, most of the vehicles you see in this sort of situation on the interstate are smaller cars and typically a few Jeeps. Thus, you can’t blame Ford Truck Enthusiasts member Moto926 for wondering if flat towing his Ford was even possible. Luckily, plenty of folks were there to help him out in this thread.

“I have an F-250 Lariat 4×4, electronic shift, automatic, push button start,” writes Moto926. “Just wondering if it racks up miles while being flat towed. This place is a wealth of knowledge. Thanks in advance.”

Ford Super Duty Flat Towing

It might seem impossible, but HRTKD is quick to reference official Ford instructions on how to do the deed without wrecking any expensive parts.

“Four-wheel-down towing: put the ignition in the on position, but do not start the engine. If your vehicle has an ignition key, turn the key to on. If your vehicle has intelligent access, press the engine START/STOP button once without pressing the brake pedal. Press and hold the brake pedal.

Rotate the four-wheel drive switch to 2H. Shift the transmission to neutral (N). Rotate the four-wheel drive switch from 2H to 4L and back to 2H five times within seven seconds. If completed successfully, the information display shows a message indicating that your vehicle is safe to tow with all wheels on the ground.”

6.2caribou is even kind enough to post a video demonstrating how to complete these steps.

And zman62 is happy to answer the OP’s original question.

“I have been towing my Super Duty behind my coach for years. It is a great tow vehicle. Super easy to put it in tow mode because Ford made it that way. And no, it does not rack up miles while being towed.”

It might seem strange to see something like a Ford Super Duty being towed instead of doing the towing. But apparently, it’s also very good at that, too. Even though not a heck of a lot of people are actually flat towing them. Thus, we’re curious to know – do you flat tow your Ford truck? Head over here and tell us about your experiences with it!

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