FTE Members Share Genius Second-Row Seat Storage Ideas

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Ford Truck Storage

From emergency supplies to gear fit for an apocalypse, our members carry everything in their Ford trucks.

One of the biggest reasons we buy trucks is for their ever-expanding utility. And manufacturers obviously take notice. Thus, even that dark space under the rear seat has become a cool place to store all kinds of stuff. Of course, Ford truck owners were using this space to do so long before OEMs and aftermarket companies starting producing rear seat storage solutions. All of which got Ford Truck Enthusiasts member Redrockerstl55 thinking. What does everyone carry under there?

“So my wife and I are planning a big RV trip next summer. I am trying to figure out everything I need to be as prepared as possible. Under my rear seat I have a Viair 400P, torque wrench, various tools, blanket, ratcheting straps, first aid kit, etc. If you have any ideas of what else I should bring along I would certainly appreciate it. I know I’m missing things. And maybe there is a better way to get prepared. Looking for ideas.”

Suggestions flow in fast and heavy. Some of them highly useful, while others prove downright funny.

“Tow strap, jumper cables, work gloves, hand cleaner, pet supplies (leash, foldable drinking bowl), extra fuses,” suggests acadianbob.

“New ID, fake mustache, petty cash, sombrero and matches,” said BIGPAPA1970.

Well, we’re not sure about that stuff. Unless your profession borders on illegal. However, Straightgrain has some more realistic options for the OP.

“Drop cloth, triangles, strobes, and flares. Headlamp, flashlight, high vis vest. Spare serpentine belt. Wonder tape and gorilla tape. Service manual with trouble codes. Dust masks. X2 on all first aid supplies, tourniquets, wet wipes and rubbing alcohol. Windex and paper towels. Harbor Freight motion detector/alarm.”

And maybe some stuff in case there’s a zombie apocalypse during that RV trip. Or any other sort of apocalypse, for that matter.

“If you’re going thru a metro area: AR15, 210 rounds, 12 gauge riot shotgun w/OO buck shot. Handgun. Night vision (Gen 3 or better). Gas masks. Pepper spray or tear gas grenade/fog dispenser.”

Kaadk also has some fantastic suggestions, with a bunch of stuff we’d never thought of packing in our Ford trucks.

  • 15 amp extension cord
  • Cheap drill
  • Small drill bit kit
  • Small screwdriver bit kit
  • Way more bungee cords (not that I’ve needed that many, I just like to have lots of options on hand.)
  • Rain poncho
  • Umbrella
  • My hammer’s part of a multi-tool
  • Step stool (for reaching the fifth wheel hitch on uneven ground)
  • Adapter plug from the Ford TMPS/Trailer Camera kit
  • Grocery Boxes (great to corral loose stuff in the bed)
  • Tape measure
  • Work gloves
  • Roll of electrical tape
  • Roll of duck tape

I’ve also been meaning to move my handsaw from the trailer and store it here instead, but haven’t yet so it’s not on the list.”

Ford Truck Storage

So far, our members have served up plenty of great second row storage area suggestions. But we want to know what you carry back there, too! So head over here and let us know what sort of kit you keep stored away in the back of your Ford truck!

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