Ford-Truck Enthusiasts Holiday Gift Guide 2012

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Ford-Truck Enthusiasts Holiday Gift Guide 2012

VelociRaptor 800 Twin Turbo
$Not Cheap
Right out of the box, the Ford Raptor is already a ferocious off-road beast. But after the wizards at Hennessy Performance get done working their magic, they’re completely bonkers. The VelociRaptor package includes a laundry list of go-fast bits like twin ball bearing turbos, forged aluminum pistons, forged steel connecting rods and dual front-mounted intercoolers. This is exactly the kind of insanity truck guys dream about.

Hornblasters Jackass 228VX
Sometimes, nothing is more fun than scaring the neighbors. This Train Horn kit from Hornblasters will help you do just that. Check out the sounds on the website to find out just what you’re getting. Flexible mounting options make this hobbyist’s dream (and loved one’s nightmare) a breeze to install.

Ingersoll Rand IQ V20 Series Cordless Tools

For those serious about working on vehicles or trailers at home–or who need quick, professional fixes at the track–comes Ingersoll Rand’s IQv Series of Cordless Tools. Typically used by shop technicians, these tools replace traditional pneumatic products. No need for plugs or air hoses; these wireless impact drills, ratchets and lights offer high-endurance performance and a long battery life. The tools are an investment but are engineered to last.

Brown Line Metalworks’ Digital Torque Wrench

This digital torque wrench accurately and efficiently gets your bolts to tighten correctly to ensure that your vehicle is running its best””with no catastrophes from shake, rattle, and roll. Also, it’s hugely useful for any other projects around the house that may need less precision, but still deserve it.

SPOT Connect GPS

If the guy on your list loves going out into the middle of nowhere to hunt or fish, he should already have a Spot Satellite GPS Messenger. If he doesn’t, you should get him one””it’s that simple. In the event he’s hurt, disabled or just wants to check in and let you know he’s A-OK, the peace of mind Spot provides is worth every penny.

Duluth Trading Co. Clothing
$19.50 to $74.50
Duluth makes some of the toughest clothing around””but it’s all geared for comfort. The patented Crotch Gusset in the Fire Hose Work Pants let dudes crouch without pinching their junk; the Free Swinging Flannel is designed for warmth and easy movement; and the Longtail T prevents plumbers crack. Your guy””and everyone else””will thank you.

Optima 400 Maintainer and Digital 1200 Charger
$99 to $199
The folks at Optima know batteries better than anyone else, and this charger shows it. An automotive-inspired gauge lets you see exactly where a battery is in the charging cycle. It can serve as a battery tender, and it has a USB port so Dad can charge his iPod when he’s out wrenching.

Banks IQ 2.0
The new Banks iQ® 2.0 is a “man-machine interface” which serves as a window into the core of your vehicle. Clearly, they’re channeling Skynet. The iQ talks to your car to change power levels and improve performance. With an interactive 5-inch color 16:9 touch screen, the iQ offers diagnostic and gauge capabilities for most 1996 and up vehicles.

Volant-HV Filters

Cold air intakes provide better MPGs and more power, which is why they’re one of the most popular mods. But high-tech systems require a high-tech air filter. Volant’s next-gen PowerCore technology blocks 50 times more particulates than standard filters and is designed to last 150,000 miles without maintenance. Drop one in and breathe easier.

Warn Winches
No one wants to NEED a winch, but when you go off-road (or have buddies who do) you have to be ready for anything. Warn’s premium Zeon winches are durable, high-performance winches that offer power, control and excellent wind speed. Available for a variety of needs and price ranges.

Access Bed Light
Sure, bed covers keep the gear in the bed dry. But they also keep out light””and digging around in the dark sucks. That’s where the LED Bed Lights from Access come in. These bright lights come with an integrated on/off switch and install in minutes. Plus, they’re inexpensive. Let there be light!

Mito Gentex Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
Ran over your kid’s bike one too many times? Install a Rear Camera Display mirror in your truck and see everything that’s behind you when you’re backing up. Mito’s Auto Dimming Mirrors work with a backup camera when you’re going in reverse, and then switch to a regular rearview mirror when you’re going forward. Pair it with the Homelink system and wrangle all of your electric garage door and gate needs for ultimate safety and convenience.

Covercraft Pet Pads Seat Covers
We love our dogs, but sometimes our dogs love our trucks a little too much, getting hair and slobber (and sometimes worse) all over our freshly detailed seats. With these pet-friendly seat covers, you can protect your upholstery while still giving your pooch a comfy place to ride in style. Available for bucket and bench seats, as well as for the cargo area, these pads work for animals, and for all the other crap you haul around.

Pop & Lock Power Pop Kit
Shouldn’t your tonneau cover be as convenient to access as the trunk of your car? Of course it should, so here comes Pop & Lock with a solution: the key-fob controlled kit that lets you unlock your hard-shelled cover with a click of a button. It even comes with a 12 volt light to help you find things at night, and will stay on for five minutes with a same push to that keyfob button. Installation is easy ““ you don’t even need to trim wires.

Armor All Wheel Protectant
There are approximately 900 million threads on the forum about keeping wheels clean. But Armor All has just released a product which keeps them from getting dirty in the first place. One of our editors saw a demo of Armor All’s Wheel Protectant at SEMA and nearly lost his mind when he watched honey roll off a treated wheel. Get this stuff.

Elephant Stand Swivel Hitch
One of those products on everyone’s Best of SEMA 2012 list, the Elephant stand swivel hitch serves as both a stand to get in and out of your truck bed and a towing hitch with one flick of the wrist. Good for towing up to 6000 lbs, this innovate stand/hitch is durable, safe, and available in a variety of ball sizes. It’s a genius solution to easier access to your truck bed while still providing a way to haul stuff around behind you.

Slide “˜Em Professional Smart Gloves
Who can live without a smartphone these days? But in the winter, when it’s too cold to take off your gloves and mittens, the smartphone becomes a regular dumb phone. With Slide “˜Em’s professional Smart Glove, you can use your touchscreen with your glove on, and go back to work ““ whether that means swinging your hammer at a construction site, or wailing on your truck at home. The glove is flexible, durable and works on any type of touchscreen device while truly protecting your hands as you labor (or labor under your delusions).

Indy Auto Lift
Starting at $1475

Get your truck up to wrenching height with one of Indy Auto’s two-post lifts. The precision constructed lifts use either foot pedal or air compression to raise them, providing a safe way to assist in changing tires or prepping your ride for winter or spring. Various accessories are also available.

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