How-To: Ford Truck Detailing 101 (Video)

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Any Ford truck, especially a Raptor, is bound to get dirty. Thankfully, we’ve found you a killer detailing instructor!

Detailing your Ford truck probably isn’t the kind of activity that gets your heart rate up. So if you’re the purveyor of fine detailing products, you have to do something unique to get your customers pumped up. That’s exactly what The Rag Company has done with its #WashWednesday videos on YouTube.

The premise is quite simple and quite effective. First, find a bunch of truck owners who are willing to demo your product on video. Two, make sure they’re attractive. Three, make sure they’re female. Four, sponsor them with fancy equipment and products. And last but not least, record the whole thing and upload it to YouTube! It may play on the oldest marketing strategy, and some may see it as objective. Regardless of their approach, it’s a good tutorial video. Don’t believe us? Just watch as Alex gives her modded 2011 Ford Raptor a much-needed bath.


We’ll forgo talking about our appreciation for Alex and her ride to mention the fact that foam cannons are both a load of fun to use and to watch being used. And in this case, it removes months of built-up dirt and bugs from the lovely Raptor. Still, nothing beats the good old-fashioned two-bucket wash this formerly white Raptor receives.

Alex has always dreamed of owning a truck, and upon seeing this 2011 Raptor she knew she had to have it. She’s since adjusted the factory Fox shocks to make clearance for bigger wheels and tires, and added a Rigid 40″ light bar, a Rebel front bumper, custom aftermarket vinyl, and some upgraded headlights.

It’s the kind of love story we’d prefer to see immortalized on the big screen over those sappy films our wives make us watch. So long as Alex gets to play herself in the flick, of course.

Happy detailing!

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