Are These Ford Truck Complaints Valid, or Just Hot Air?

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Longtime Ford truck owner claims he’s lost trust in the automaker. But we’re having a hard time finding a valid complaint!

We here at Ford Truck Enthusiasts are obviously slightly biased. We’ve owned a number of Ford trucks over the years, and we keep buying them because they treat us well. Obviously, you’re going to have a problem every now and then, but that’s true with any brand. So when we see a video like the one above claiming that a longtime Ford truck owner doesn’t trust them anymore, we always dive in for a closer look.

In this case, YouTuber and construction/landscaping company owner Stanley Genadek shot a thirteen minute video that essentially revolves around two complaints. Genadek has owned fifteen Ford trucks over the last 19 years, both gas and diesel. So why, after seemingly showing loyalty to the brand, is he ready to give up on them? Well, for starters, complexity.

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Genadek says that with older Ford trucks, “you could actually take your own set of wrenches out and repair them.” Now, “they’ve made these Ford trucks so technologically advanced that the average person can’t keep their own truck running.” But isn’t this the case with all new trucks (not to mention vehicles, period)? Even worse, at the end of the video, Genadek admits that he hasn’t wrenched on his own trucks in years, so how would he really know?

The next complaint – gas mileage. Genadek says that “if you’re in the market for an older diesel Ford truck, something from 2015 or earlier, you can’t necessarily believe what they tell you about the fuel economy and performance of those engines.”

Genadek claims that he was getting around 9 miles per gallon in his new truck. He called the dealer, who informed him that the truck had to be “broken in for a minute.” Regardless, Genadek says his truck never got above 12-13 miles per gallon and says Ford lies about the truck’s 15-18 mpg rating.

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Genadek also speaks with a couple of guys who also own Ford trucks. Both complain about the ride in their extended cab, long bed, snow plow-equipped Super Duty pickups. One attributes it to the solid front axle. But the other gent admits that he “doesn’t know if it’s the plow on the front” causing the issue.

But when the first is asked if he would rebuy the same truck, knowing what he knows now, his answer is “absolutely. I love the Ford trucks. For me, Ford trucks are more versatile.” The second? “I’d like a diesel F-350.” So much for that scientific experiment!

So we want to know what you think. Are these complaints valid? Or are they just a lengthy attempt at getting clicks on a YouTube video to generate income? If Genadek hates Ford trucks so much, why hasn’t he switched to another brand? We guess that’s a question for another video!

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Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other sites.

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