Ford Truck Mods: Is Bulletproofing the Ultimate Modification?

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With the rise in wealthy individuals choosing Ford trucks over luxury vehicles, bulletproofing may soon become the ultimate mod.

Rich Americans are dumping silly sports cars and opulent luxury vehicles for high-end pickup trucks. In fact, recent sales statistics show that the F-Series’ average transaction prices have skyrocketed in 2017, with high-end trims leading the way.

If you’ve ever wondered who’s buying all these $70k trucks left and right, all you have to do is look at folks who earn between $200,000 and $400,000 per year, according to a recent study. Chances are some of these wealthy folks might need to protect themselves from baddies. You know, kidnappers, robbers, and low-life purse snatchers.

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Should your line of work or lifestyle warrant a bulletproof Ford truck, there’s only one company who uses their own CEO as their guinea pig. Meet Trent Kimball, the CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation, a company which develops armored technology for vehicles and window applications.

This video above comes courtesy of their YouTube channel, and it shows Kimball crouching behind a bulletproof windshield produced by his company. Clearly, he has bags of faith in his product, and that’s a good thing when you claim to sell bulletproof applications to wealthy individuals.

Whether it’d be 22 mm, 9 mm, or a freaking AK-47 like on this video, Texas Armoring Corporation has you covered. So remember, if you’re a rich dude in a new Ford truck who happens to need a little protection, you ought to get the ultimate mod.

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