Ford Truck Body Lift kit

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Body lift kit


A lift
kit is an aftermarket vehicle modification that lifts either the suspension or
the body to give the vehicle a higher profile. They are often referred to as a
body lift or a suspension lift, each with its advantages and disadvantages.
Once a lift kit is installed, the wheel wells ride higher, allowing taller
tires to be installed.


body lift kit is a one, two or three inch lift kit that lifts the body from the
frame. The kit is a lot cheaper than a suspension lift, and it consists of
blocks or spacers. A body lift does not increase ground clearance, however, it
might allow for slightly taller tires because it will increase the height of
the wheel wells and/or provide more room in the engine bay for large engines.


on the model of vehicle and the height of the body lift kit, additional money
might have to be invested in raising the bumpers, extending the gearshift
through the floorboard of the vehicle and making other modifications to
accommodate the body lift. Although a body lift causes a vehicle to sit higher,
it does not alter or improve suspension, or increase travel. In general, it is
avoided by those offroading.


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