Ford Transit and Transit Connect: More Than Just a Work Truck

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Ford offers a wide swath of vehicles to suit the needs of someone trying to get work done. The F-150 is available in a work truck trim that is scooped up by fleets across the country. The Super Duty has a chassis-cab configuration that helps everyone from cable companies to electrical companies. There’s the F-650 and F-750, which deliver your ice cold beer to the local store. Then, there’s the Transit and Transit Connect which are loved by small businesses for their versatility.

Lately, especially with Transit, you might have noticed that they’re getting a lot more creature comforts. I recently had the chance to drive a medium-roof Transit cargo van and it had a suite of options. In the past, you wouldn’t find a good radio, Bluetooth connectivity, or even air conditioning in many of these vans. Now they’re equipped to do work but also be comfortable to drive.

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Why is that? Well, per a survey conducted by Manta and Ford show that only 42%, that’s less than half, of business owners use their vehicles strictly for business. That means the rest are using their vehicles to run errands, take trips, and more. It’s important for these vehicles to serve dual or multi-uses.

Many of the “non-work” uses of business vehicles involve going to business meetings or attempting to woo a potential client. While it is work-related travel, owners don’t want to have to drive around a crappy old van that beats them up or stresses them out on the way to an important meeting.

If you haven’t driven a Transit, you should. While it does feel like you are driving a big work vehicle, it is nimble, easy to drive and park, and feels like you’re driving a car most times. It’s a vehicle you really wouldn’t feel embarrassed driving.

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Additionally, these entrepreneurs and small business that are snatching up vehicles like the Transit are looking to save where they can. 17% of respondents say their vehicles run on diesel or alternative fuels.

That’s why the Transit and Transit Connect are so successful. They get the job done when they need to, but also are livable for the business owners who need to use their vehicles for many needs. Also, many of the Transits can be configured to run on CNG or diesel fuel, giving owners even more flexibility.

Purchasing a Transit for your business not only helps you get work done, but saves you money and can even help you out by not requiring you to purchase another vehicle for other tasks. Seems pretty smart to us.

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Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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