This Ford Transit Camper Isn’t Your Dad’s Winnebago. Sort of…

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Modern Ford RVs are a great place for you and your family to spend some time away from it all.

You’d be excused for thinking of conversion vans and van-based campers as old-fashioned, as they’ve been outside of our collective cultural consciousness for a few decades now. The mere mention of them likely conjures up images of moldy shag carpeting, broken appliances, awful wood trim, and cramped, uncomfortable quarters.

However, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) claims that sales have risen year-over-year for motorhomes and campers, so perhaps they deserve a second look. Available on the evergreen Econoline platform as well as the versatile Transit platform, there is a ton of variety in how you’d like your motorhome equipped. Different wheelbases, roof heights, and powertrain combos can be mixed and matched to make the ultimate home-away-from-home with a bare minimum of compromise.


The inside of a modern motorhome looks less like a set out of “Boogie Nights” and more like a well-equipped conference room. Many are modular, making great use of space during both sleeping and waking hours. Much like the ever-popular “tiny houses” seen on cable TV, components lock in place, then move and stow away from view when they’re no longer needed.


With today’s demanding customers and a competitive marketplace, fit and finish are major concerns. These live-in people movers now offer similar build quality to an OEM manufacturer. Winnebago in particular has leveraged their long-standing relationship with Ford to produce incredibly high-quality recreational vehicles.


Models like the Transit-based Winnebago Fuse are fully outfitted with a kitchen, bath, and a place to sleep. Tall ceilings and a slide-out section make the best use of space when parked, while the Transit platform delivers great economy while traveling to and from your campsite.

Motorhomes in this class are also comparatively affordable, with prices starting just a hair over $100k. Not bad for a second home away from home.

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