Trailer-Towing Ford Truck Leads Police on Wild Chase (Video)

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Ford truck-driving criminal makes two really good decisions and a whole lotta bad ones. But which ones are they?

Running from the police is always a bad idea. As most of us, law-abiding citizens already know, trying to evade the law rarely ends well. If you’re lucky, you won’t crash or find yourself on the wrong end of a baton. Or worse, trying to outrun a K9 or police helicopter on foot.

But let’s say, for some reason, the thought of getting mauled by an attack dog isn’t enough to deter you from trying to evade Johnny Law. So you make that split second decision that you aren’t going (or going back) to jail and nail the throttle. Then again, surely nobody’s dumb enough to try and escape in a Ford F-150 towing a trailer, are they?


Of course they are! Criminals aren’t exactly known for being smart. And clearly, owning/driving a Ford truck is the only intelligent decision this guy makes. According to the KCAL broadcast, the trailer attached to it is in fact stolen, however. We’re hoping that whatever was inside was worth it, because the little trailer makes the Ford truck a less than ideal getaway vehicle.

The chase weaves around the streets and freeways of Pasadena, California for two hours. In all fairness, police were a little timid here because the driver reportedly had a weapon. Eventually, however, he either runs low on gas or tires of the act, realizing that the arm of the law is simply too long to outrun. The perp then makes only his second smart decision of the day, keeping his hands up and avoiding unnecessary force.

So let this serve as a lesson, folks. Don’t commit crimes, for one. And if you do, don’t try to evade police. Especially in a Ford truck, and most definitely not while pulling a trailer.

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