Is Ford Planning to Introduce a Hybrid Pickup Truck by 2020?

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If you’ve been following Ford for any amount of time now, you’ll notice that they are all in on EcoBoost powertrains. They’re powerful, frugal, and fit well into the company’s long-term goals. But as emission and fuel economy standards rise, Ford also works extensively on hybrid and electric powertrains. But what about in the F-150 or other F-Series product? According to Automotive News, we might see one as early as 2020.

In a much larger story about Toyota and Ford’s breakup over developing a hybrid pickup, the article clearly mentions Ford’s goal of having a hybrid pickup truck by the year 2020. But we wonder how feasible that is?

Yes, making a hybrid truck would be a way to reduce emissions. Also, the immediate torque available from an electric motor would be just as helpful (or more) in a truck. On the surface it seems like a brilliant idea.

But then there’s the issue of batteries and weight. Even if you found a safe place to mount the batteries to avoid puncture (which would be a higher risk on a vehicle that goes off-road), there is the added weight the battery packs would bring.

Ford’s reasoning for switching to an aluminum body for the 2015 model year on the F-150 was to save weight. Saving weight means the truck is more fuel efficient, and has more capability. It seems going through all the trouble to take out 700 pounds, just to put it back in, a little bit silly to us. The benefits would have to be pretty extreme for that to happen.

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