Ford Teases New Built Ford Tough Shield

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Built Ford Tough Teaser

To help market the toughness of the Ford F-Series line of trucks, Ford developed a Built Ford Tough shield to appear in their commercials and on their products.

For 36 years, Ford has been using the tagline Built Ford Tough to market their trucks, and a shield logo of some kind has accompanied it along the way. Check out the video below to see the shield in action during startup of a 2013 Ford Raptor.

Now that we have an updated Ford F-150, built using a significant amount of aluminum along with a high-strength steel frame, and rumors that the next Super Duty will also rock the aluminum, it’s time for Ford to update their Built Ford Tough shield to reflect an new era of toughness.

The new logo hasn’t made its debut yet, but a teaser video was released today showing the new shield being constructed.

The short video doesn’t show much, but we know that the new shield will use both steel and aluminum, like the actual truck itself. That means it should be lighter than before. Hopefully, it still makes the satisfying thud when it hits the dirt like the previous one did.

We would expect to see the new shield starting to appear in advertising fairly soon.

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