Ford Sync Catches Hit-and-Run Culprit

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Get this, a South Florida woman’s Ford SYNC infotainment system dropped a dime on her after she smashed two cars and fled the scene without notifying police. This hit-and-run culprit, Cathy Bernstein, seems like she had no idea her Ford’s SYNC system has GPS tracking and emergency services which automatically calls the police upon the deploying of an airbag or sudden change in movement or speed.

The authorities were able to track down Lady Bernstein and tie her to the crime through the information provided from the SYNC system. Ford SYNC 911 Assist helped out with the time, place, speed and other pertinent factors to the investigation that nailed her to the hit-and-run crashes. Truthfully I am not a fan of tracking devices but this is an example of why they are good for certain occurrences.


Unaware of the technology she is driving is the most entertaining part of this story. After the crash as she is driving away, gets a call from the 911 emergency response team with questions about the crashes. She denies everything. Bernstein even denies leaving the scene saying, “I would never do that.”What we can learn from this is be true to fellow driving community and own up to your mistakes. The bigger grand idea behind this is read your owner’s manual and your infotainment system’s owner’s manual.

Nowadays the infotainment system’s manual is a thicker book than the actual car’s manual though you will be an expert on all technologies and services your car offers. Be action ready.Have you been a victim of a hit-and-run? How did you handle it? Did you chase them down, get a license plate or just deal with the insurance claim? How do you feel about all new cars having GPS tracking units?

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