F-150 Lightning Turns Rubber Into Smoke!

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Supercharged SVT Lightning has no mercy on its rear tires!

This impressive video courtesy of BulletmotorsportsInc features a second generation Ford F-150 SVT Lightning doing a heck of a burnout. But, you can obviously see that from the photos.

There aren’t any details on this SVT, but considering the lack of a hood and how violent the tire roasting looks, we can assume it’s been tweaked for higher performance. Of course, even a stock supercharged Lightning will do a big, nasty burnout. Sadly, the video’s description fails to mention any specifications.


The video begins with a nice engine shot of the mighty Ford, and proceeds to take you on a quick drive around town. It’s after the truck arrives by the railroad tracks that the driver finally does what we all wanted to see.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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