Ford to Challenge Tesla With Its Upcoming All-Electric Crossover

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The rumored 300-mile range CUV will make its debut by 2020. But will it beat Tesla?

Tesla has been making an important name for itself for the last few years. By releasing all-electric, luxury oriented cars to the “masses” they’ve secured a niche many thought didn’t exist. Not to be outdone, American car makers are beginning to release their own high-tech electric vehicles, and Ford is hoping to lead the way with its upcoming crossover.

According to sources, this vehicle will bridge the gap between affordable-pricing and long battery range. In an interview with Business Insider, Ford’s Chief Technology Officer Raj Nair said they are still expected to release the vehicle by 2020, and are hoping to surpass all current battery ranges. Best of all, they’re going to do it affordably. “Our plan is for it to be an affordable vehicle, a mainstream model,” Nair said. “To get electrification volumes where we would all like them to be we have to make sure we make the affordability targets or otherwise they are going to stay as a niche item or a pure luxury item.”


Right now Tesla dominates the electric vehicle landscape. Other car makers have made smaller electric vehicles, but what Ford and Tesla are trying to do is make all-electric vehicles that appeal to everyday buyers. Around the same time that Ford releases their electric crossover, Tesla also plans on releasing a similar crossover, but that doesn’t worry Ford at all.

“We always welcome the competition,” Nair said. “There are some aspects of the economics of battery-electric vehicles that are helped by scale. The more penetration we get, all of us are helped by the economies of scale.”


Competition is the name of the game. What Nair is excited about is how the competition will drive down battery prices, which is a huge contributing factor to the high prices of electric cars. Having multiple car companies competing will create more demand, thus lowering prices. “We think we have a technology path that will get us a 300 plus miles range and an affordable crossover utility that will be fully competitive,” Nair said.

The range is what they hope will separate them from the pack. If they can stick by their promise of delivering a 300-plus-range and a lower price point, Ford could be the company to make the first electric vehicle to break through to the general public. You know, like they did with the automobile.

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