Ford Super Duty That ‘Broke the Internet’ Makes Triumphant Return

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Ever wonder what life is like with the biggest and craziest Ford Super Duty in the world? Find out!

If you like to spend a little time at your local mud hole, you’ve undoubtedly seen some pretty wild (and expensive) creations. Trucks outfitted with massive lifts, cartoonish tires, and oftentimes an attractive girl riding shotgun cover themselves in mud for the fun of it. Not long ago we laid eyes on this particular 2011 Super Duty, known as “The Truck That Broke the Internet,” and since then nothing else seems to, well, measure up!

The original footage that introduced this monstrosity to the world has garnered over 2.2 million views since March of this year. Whether you’re a hardcore mudder or not, it’s just impossible to ignore this thing. In this latest clip we get to see what it’s like to live with the insane six-wheeled beast on a regular basis. Spoiler alert: it’s not exactly easy.

The monstrous Super Duty isn’t even easy to transport, according to owner James Fleckenstein. For obvious reasons the truck rolls to events with its tires removed, and on a flatbed. From there, a chain is strapped to the bumper and rear axle so an excavator can lift it up. A pair of eight-ton custom jacks hold everything in place, while three guys work tirelessly to align the truck to its mounting points.

Super Duty

Once the time consuming process is complete, it’s time to get in the thing and sling some mud. Which isn’t exactly easy, either. We admittedly chuckled a little watching Fleckenstein’s passenger scale the massive rear rubbers and shimmy across the running board to hop in. Ultimately, nothing tops watching the wide-as-a-house Super Duty navigate traffic on the way to the mud pit.

Just to tease you a little, Fleckenstein lets everyone in on a little secret during this video. We won’t tell you the whole enchilada, but it may have to do with a second

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