Ford Super Duty Swallowed Up by an Avalanche

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Dash cam footage from a vehicle behind the white Ford shows the truck being hammered by the wall of snow.

Imagine driving your Ford Super Duty along a busy Colorado highway when suddenly, out of nowhere, an avalanche hits. Your truck surrounded by a wave of snow with so much force that it stops your forward motion, sweeping your three-ton pickup off of the road. It sounds crazy, but as you can see in this video by The Daily Mail, this exact nightmare happened to a group of motorists this past weekend and one of those drivers had a dash cam running when it happened.

In that dash cam video, we get a front-row seat to watch a Ford Super Duty disappear into the violent flow of an avalanche.

Ford Super Duty Before Avalanche

Up Close with an Avalanche

If you are active on Facebook, you may have already seen footage of the avalanche activities on Colorado this past weekend. There are quite a few videos floating around the internet that show the snow rushing down the mountain from far away, but one driver who was stuck in the path of the flowing snow had his dash cam running when his truck was included a large group of vehicles buried by the avalanche.

Ford Super Duty Avalanche Close

The man with the dash cam is Shaune Goleman, who was traveling with his wife and kids to a ski trip on Copper Mountain. As they were traveling along I-70 in a long line of vehicles, there was a white Ford Super Duty in the next lane to the right. For the first 12 seconds of the video, it appears to be normal, slow-moving traffic with a picturesque backdrop of snow-covered mountains.

Vanishing Ford

As the Ford inches away around the 13-second mark, we see a sudden cloud of snow coming from the right and within a two seconds, the avalanche swallowed up the Super Duty, the vehicle carrying the dash cam and everything else on the road in the immediate vicinity. That was the last thing that we see, as the snow pushed Goleman’s vehicle off of the road, burying it deep in snow. It took them a few hours to dig out, but the family was unharmed and their unspecified vehicle was able to drive away after the snow was cleared.

Ford Super Duty Snow Hit

Hopefully, the Ford Super Duty and its occupants escaped unharmed as well.

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