Ford Super Duty Saves the Day in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

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This lifted Super Duty may be a mud slingin’ rebel. But when tragedy hit close to home, it became a real American hero.

Hurricane Harvey has finally ceased battering Texas with record rainfall, but folks in Houston are still a long way away from fully recovering. Nightly news show us somber images of the destruction left in the hurricane’s wake, but despite the tragic situation a lot of good things happening, too.

Scores of folks have descended on Texas to help victims of the storm, including a bunch of Ford-driving off-road fanatics. Thankfully it hasn’t only been Ford Truck Enthusiasts pointing them out, but even Anderson Cooper! This monster Ford Super Duty is piloted by Chris Ginter and Robert McGuire, who were recently rewarded for their efforts with a CNN interview for their selfless acts.

Super Duty

Ginter first used the Super Duty to rescue his best friend from his flooded home. That’s when it dawned on the pair that they should use the lifted rig to help others. So they did what any kind-hearted Ford fan would do — and headed out to help everyone they could. They started by assisting the local fire department in rescuing a wheelchair-bound person and just kept going from there.

Since then, the brave duo has helped rescue countless people and pets from flooded homes. And since they’re traversing streets full of rescue boats, they’re even careful not to create too much of a wake with their massive tires. Talk about good neighbors!

Armed with nothing more than some ladders and the desire to help, these Ford Super Duty drivers are doing their best to bring a much-needed smile to people’s faces!

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