Ford Super Duty Repo Truck Is Hijacked by Angry Man

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With crowbar in hand, the upset man smashed the Super Duty’s window while attempting to rescue his car.

The auto repossession business is quite dangerous. Typically people don’t take kindly to having their vehicles taken from them, even if they’re at fault for missing monthly payments. That being said, this repo attempt from Compton, California might be one of the craziest we’ve ever seen.

According to NBC Los Angeles, a dangerous situation developed after a repo man snagged a Nissan Altima whose owner had overpaid on his car note (just kidding). As the driver of the Ford Super Duty repo truck attempted to hook up the Nissan, the owner emerged from his house and confronted him with a swinging crow bar. As a result, the repo man quickly jumped in his truck and tried to escape, but that’s not where the story ended.

Super Duty

Before the Super Duty got up to speed, the Nissan owner jumped in the back of it and proceeded to smash the rear window with his trusty crowbar. Somehow he must’ve thought this would increase his chances of recuperating his car? Unfazed, the repo man continued driving through the streets of Compton, but quickly realized that in the midst of chaos he forgot to shift the Nissan’s transmission out of park. Before long, the front tires eroded away, and witness Brittany McDonald was there to catch this whole thing on video.

Heck, McDonald claims that the Nissan owner actually fell off the Super Duty at one point, but managed to catch up a few blocks later. After ten minutes of real-life Grand Theft Auto, police finally caught up to the rolling circus, and surprisingly enough didn’t press charges or arrest Mr. Wild Wild West.

Talk about a wild ride!

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