How Ford’s Most Demanding Clients Customize Their Super Duty Trucks

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Workers in Demanding Industries Configured Their Ideal Versions of the Super Duty to Meet Their Needs

Carrying gear, getting over natural obstacles, transporting crews, hauling heavy payloads, pulling enormous trailers. The 2017 Ford Super Duty was designed to do all of those things as a four-wheel tool in a variety of industries.

Each industry has different vehicle needs. As a result, Ford had clients who in several key and heavy duty industries design the perfect Super Duty rigs for their business needs. Oil and gas, heavy construction, manufacturing, forestry, you name it.

The owner of a Pittsburgh contracting firm that constructs bridges and rebuilds roads chose an F-350 Super Duty 4×4 Crew Cab XL. Also, Duallys are great for towing and hauling, but Jack Mills finds a SRW setup perfect for getting through construction sites without needing to move the orange barrels aside. Therefore, he equipped his dream truck with the almighty Power Stroke diesel, an eight-foot bed, and the BoxLink system.

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An F-350 Super Duty Chassis Cab 4×2 SuperCab XL, was the go-to for Nate Berges. He is the vice president of Berges Trenton Awning. He said, “We send out two or three guys for most work, and the 2017 Super Duty gives us 6 inches of additional space in the SuperCab, compared to the outgoing model. That’s a serious improvement our guys will appreciate the moment they jump in. “The dual-rear-wheel trucks are great because we actually gain room in our utility bodies because of the extra rear-end width. More width means more tools and supplies.” The chassis cab’s dual extra-heavy-duty alternators and trailer brake controller score it even more usability points.

Maybe you work in one of the industries Ford researched. Maybe you don’t. Either way, since you’re on this site, there’s a good chance you use one work. Perhaps you plan on using a 2017 model. If so, we’d love to hear which line of work you’re in and what the perfect ’17 Super Duty for it would be – or already is.

Because “Ford owns work.”

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