Top Five Things You Shouldn’t Put in Your Fancy New Ford Cupholder

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While some people buy trucks based on gas mileage or rugged looks, we all know that the most important parts of a vehicle are its cupholders. They need to be sturdy, large and capable of holding just about any beverage ever created by man, preferably with those little spring-loaded gripper arms to keep your Big Gulp safe from those dreaded potholes.


Ford engineers have received a patent for a unique cupholder design between the front seats. The design has two main components – a combination cupholder and storage bin with upper panel that slides from left to right to transform the storage bin into two additional cupholders. And if a driver or passenger needs more open storage space, the panel easily slides back to the right, clearing the way for bulkier items that won’t fit in a cupholder space. These magical cupholders are making their debut on the all-new 2017 Ford Super Duty, so if you want to be wowed by their magic, you’ll have to drop a pretty penny.


Cupholders can have many uses in your Ford truck, but here are the top 5 things you probably shouldn’t use them for:

1. Makeup – it’s messy
2. Dipping sauces – unless they are amazing
3. Your pets – especially poisonous ones
4. Chocolate – at least not on a hot day
5. Pokemon – eh, well maybe



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