Ford Still Working on Who Will Actually Get the GT Supercar

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Do you want a 2016 Ford GT and actually have the means to purchase it? Well, don’t go rushing off and putting a deposit down at a dealership yet, because Ford is still working on the details of who will get one of the new carbon fiber supercars.

In a story from the Detroit Free Press, Joe Hinrichs, President of the Americas, told them that, “we are discussing who gets them.”


In the meantime, he is discouraging dealerships from taking deposits or charging ridiculous markup. Since he’s adamant on not price gouging, it seems possible that a dealership doing so might not be selected to sell one of the few cars produced a year.

Speaking of production, the Ford GT will have a finite amount made. Ford is still saying they’re planning on 250 of them a year, but we don’t know for how many years they plan on making them.

GT 2

According to the Free Press, one automotive journalist was approached by a dealership offering to sell them a new GT for $600,000. It’s no wonder Ford feels the need to let dealerships, and potential customers, know that allocation hasn’t been determined yet.

If you’re interested in one, definitely let your dealership know, or contact one of the larger dealerships in the country. But don’t put any money down yet, because nothing is confirmed.

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