Ford Spring Fever: Hot Deals on Hot Parts at RacingJunk

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NASCAR-Ford-ShowTruck-former-Aarons-banner.jpgby Patrick Rall

If you’re a Ford truck owner loves modifying his or her truck””for performance or looks””RacingJunk has an endless list of goodies which can add style and power. We’ve taken the liberty of assembling a handful of those items with varying prices and various model year applications to help those who are looking to spruce up their favorite Ford for spring.

Flexible Transmission Dipstick:

When you get to modifying the engine bay, you can often find that your transmission dipstick needs to be rerouted for easy access. This flexible dipstick tube allows you to relocate the handle for the transmission dipstick so that you can make sure that your Ford truck always has the proper level of transmission fluid. This removes the need to worry about the location of a standard solid dipstick and it looks great””for under a hundred bucks.
9-Inch Rear End:

This heavy duty 9″ Ford rear end was removed from a 1986 Ford F150, and with 4.56 gears and 31-spline axles, this housing is ready for some serious abuse. This would be great for anyone building a go-fast truck or trying to make their F150 more off-road ready. 
Roush Performance Cold Air Intake:

2008 through 2010 Ford Super Duty owners who want more power out of their 6.4L PowerStroke diesel can benefit from this Roush Performance cold air intake kit. This kit features the Roush “air dam,” a high-flowing and high filtration air filter and the connections to hook it up in place of the standard air intake setup. Kits like these allow the engine to breath more easily””increasing power and efficiency while also providing a little extra sound from under the hood.
Edge Evolution Programmer:

In the modern era of performance mods, few items are as beneficial as a hand held tuning system like this Edge Evolution programmer.  This kit works with 1999-2003 Ford Super Duty pickups equipped with the 7.3L PowerStroke diesel engine and depending on the application, can add up to 100 horsepower and 200lb-ft of torque. In addition to adding power, this programmer also reads diagnostic codes and measures performance times (0-60, quarter mile) in the real world. This is a must for anyone who likes going fast.

Lightening Drag Racing Wheels:

The Ford F150 Lightning was built to go fast, and a big part of going fast is getting good traction””a problem solved with these factory Ford Lightning wheels. These 1st generation Lightning wheels are wrapped in M&H Racemaster tires to provide amazing grip at the dragstrip for SVT F150 owners who a stock-ish look. And since the driver got rid of the truck, these they’re only $400 bucks. 
347 Stroker 420hp Crate Engine:

Want to inject some serious power into their pickup?  If so, this 347 cubic inch Ford stroker motor is ideal. Packing 425 horsepower and 425lb-ft of torque into the engine bay will help that Ford truck outrun pretty much any truck””and many cars””on the road. This engine is fitted with components from some of the biggest names in high performance engine parts including Comp Cams, Dart Cylinder Heads and Eagle so it is as durable as it is powerful.

Not all truck lovers want to go fast, but for the Blue Oval fan who REALLY wants to go fast, we present to you this Craftsman Series style F150. This race truck has a NASCAR style lightweight body and frame“”but isn’t legal for NASCAR competition. However, it’s an awesome piece for promotional use, or ready to convert to a legal street driver to make one wicked hot rod pickup. There’s no engine, but with a price under $5k, you should be able to add an engine and transmission to this body for a decent price.

There’s plenty of more awesome stuff over at RacingJunk, head over and check it out! —>>>

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