Ford Sold a Million F-150 Trucks in Just 2,000 Days

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Everyone gets a Ford F-150! Okay, maybe not everyone, but it did just take 2,000 days, or the equivalent to little under 5 and a half years for Ford to place a whopping one million EcoBoost-powered F-150s in the driveways of people across the country.

Let’s reflect on that for a second. In order to hit that mark, Ford had to crank out 500 EcoBoost F-150 trucks per day. Keep in mind that all of these statistics don’t include other engine configurations, they’re strictly for EcoBoost. If they managed to sell 500 EcoBoost trucks per day across the country, that’s either 10 trucks per state per day, but knowing how strong the midwest and Texas markets are, that’s most likely an elusive figure.


To continue breaking down the incredible feat that is selling one million EcoBoost F-150 trucks in 2,000 days, it’s worth mentioning that dealerships aren’t open on Sundays in most states, and they surely aren’t open on New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a few other holidays.

Which means that in reality, more than 500 trucks per day were sold across the board. In fact, Ford has taken over 13,000 orders for EcoBoost truck configurations in the last two months, and has sold over 300,000 units in 2016 alone.


If that wasn’t enough, Ford claims to have saved their EcoBoost customers over 110 million gallons of gas per year, yet there’s no specific diagram on how they arrived to that conclusion, so I won’t elaborate on that. One thing that is worth elaborating on, is that EcoBoost engines represent 60% of the sales mix for all F-150 sales, which is huge!

I’ll close with another cool fact that’ll blow your mind. If we take the average of 500 trucks sold per day and turn it into trucks sold per eight hour work shift, we arrive to the mind boggling figure that Ford sells 62.5 EcoBoost trucks per hour for up to eight hours per day.

Common, Oprah, give us our F-150s!

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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