Is the SkyRanger Ford’s Weirdest Special Edition Ever?

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Ford Skyranger

The ’90s Brought Lots of Weird Special Edition Trucks. But is the SkyRanger the Weirdest?

In the ’90s automakers built quite a few weird and wacky rides. Though it seemed like they added decals and tacked on body bits more than anything. Ford was just as guilty as anyone, producing strange special editions like the SkyRanger.  But it might be the most interesting one they’ve ever built.

Boy, is it tacky. What was cool in the ’90s is most certainly not cool nowadays. The multicolor stripe is almost as ugly as the weird, fiberglass…thing behind the cab. But despite its questionable styling features, the SkyRanger is easily the rarest Ranger ever built, and perhaps the most valuable.

Speaking of resale value, prices range wildly. Examples of the SkyRanger sell for anywhere between $15,000 and $40,000. Why so much money, you say?  Because Ford only built somewhere between 17 and 19 of them (actual records vary). Now that’s a limited production

For that money you get what is essentially a four-wheel drive, extended cab, convertible compact pickup. American Sunroof Company did the drop-top conversion on commission from Ford. Power comes from the 4.0 liter Cologne V6, and the trucks sold through regular Ford dealerships.

In retrospect, it was probably smart for Ford to ditch the idea for the SkyRanger. After all, convertible pickup trucks simply never caught on with the public. Even if this thing is about as futuristic as a ’90s Ranger could be. Especially four-wheel drive convertible trucks with full on ground effects and multiple wings. This was a time when custom mini trucks were a very big thing. Sadly(?), that craze didn’t carry over to factory built custom mini trucks like the SkyRanger.

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