Beastly Ford Truck Effortlessly Tackles the Mud…while a Chevy Sinks!

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Ford cruises through the deep mud multiple times with ease, but the Chevy fails on the first try.

Sometimes, to see how important success is, you need to see someone fail and that is exactly what happens in this video of an old school Ford truck playing in the Walton Raceway mud bog in Canada. This footage from the Hunman Off-Road YouTube channel shows that after this old-school F-Series truck strolls through the mud over and over, a Chevrolet mud truck takes a shot at the pit and immediately fails, proving that the treacherous pit requires a good truck and a good driver.

Half of an F-Series

There are no details accompanying this video, but the cab is clearly from the sixth generation, which ran from 1973 through 1979. While it has badging on the fender, we can’t make out the number, so we don’t know what level of F-Series this was prior to being heavily modified, but the extent of the modifications are so great that the model really doesn’t matter. While the body and the chassis may have rolled out of a Ford factory together, every other aspect of this truck has been adapted for improved off-road performance.

6g Ford F-Series Front

Before the big, blue Ford hits the water for the first time, we can see that there is an elaborate suspension setup under the classic body which likely includes some upgrades to the chassis itself. Out back, the original bed is gone and it its place is a unique custom flatbed with side support rails and a rack that protects the back of the cab from whatever might come tumbling forward on a hard stop.

Finally, it is clearly powered by a V8 engine and it seems like it digs through the slop a bit better than any stock-powered truck from the sixth generation, so the odds are good that the engine has been modified almost as much as the underpinnings.

6g Ford F-Series Rear

Trucks Versus Mud

The video begins with the old Ford truck storming across the mud pit from left to right. Upon first entry, we can see that this mud pit is really more of a dirty lake, with water deep enough to cover the huge mud tires or to swallow up an average truck. However, the old F-Series easily cruises across and back and across again without much effort.

Chevy Stuck in Mud

At that point, you might be wondering if perhaps this mud bog is so wet that it is literally just like driving through a shallow lake with a hard base, but the video ends with a newer Chevrolet Silverado taking its turn. After watching the Ford make short work of the pit, the Chevy goes storming in and almost immediately noses down, stuck in the mud. The driver tries to dig out, but as the video ends, the tractor is coming to pull out the stuck truck.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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