Ford Shelby GT350 to Have Factory Shift Lights

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The Shelby GT350® Mustang features a Performance Shift Light Indicator heads-up display with Track, Tach and Drag mode.

A popular option on modern Ferraris is a steering wheel with integrated shift lights. They start flashing bright red when it’s time to grab a paddle and yank on it. BMW’s M division also has a steering wheel with a shift lift available for aftermarket installations. Apparently, if you’re a modern day performance car, you have to have flashing lights to tell the driver when to shift.

Ford took the idea and expanded on it in quite a useful way. They already have HUD flashing lights on their vehicles equipped with adaptive cruise control that flash when you’re about ready to rear-end someone. What if you took that same technology, but made it so they’d flash in a particular pattern when it was time to shift?

Behold, people of the Internet, the Shelby GT350 shift lighting system!

As you’d expect, it’s completely programmable. It’s also adjustable depending on what kind of flashing you’d want to see. There is a Tach, Track, and Drag setting, but they appear to be independent of any performance setting of the car. I’m actually quite fond of the Track setting.

The Shelby GT350® Mustang features a Performance Shift Light Indicator with Track, Tach and Drag mode.

Considering you’ll be able to wring the 5.2L, flat-plane V8 out to an amazing 8,250RPM, a shift light might be pretty useful. If you’re using to driving a Mustang V8, you’re used to shifting way earlier.

Also, this new setup is much better integrated than a giant LED taped on to your dash.

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