Ford Sells More Than 2,450 Trucks Every Single Day

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How popular is the legendary truck line? Ford sells an F-Series truck every 36 seconds.

Americans buy 6,500 domestic pickup trucks every day on average, according to a recent study by the Automotive News Data Center. Given that many dealerships close or have reduced hours on at least one day, that means the number likely sits higher. Of that huge number, Ford averages 2,452 trucks sold daily.

That daily total runs more than 500 trucks per day higher than Chevrolet and GMC (1,935), and considerably higher than Ram (1,647). While Toyota and Nissan enjoy lower-volume truck sales, they still average about 500 trucks per day. That means Americans buy around 7,000 trucks on an average day. If you want to break those numbers down farther, Ford sells more than 100 trucks per hour or one every 36 seconds!

The numbers, as reported by The Drive, don’t break down the percentage of fleet sales. However, Ford reported that fleet sales for May totaled 82,844 vehicles total with no breakdown for trucks. Such figures suggest that lower average fuel prices may drive sales upward.

In May 2017, Ford sold  76,027 F-Series trucks, which is the highest total in 13 years. That was a substantial increase of 12.8 percent over last year’s May total. Additionally, Ford reported that buyers were selecting higher options packages on F-Series trucks. The average transaction price was up a mind-boggling $3,300 per truck in May.


The Blue Oval specifically has targeted one million trucks annually as a long-term goal with more than 820,000 sold in 2016.

Will they reach their big goal in 2017?

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