Ford Says “Thanks, but No Thanks” to Takata Airbags

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In the grand scheme of things, Ford wasn’t affected as badly by the Takata airbag fiasco as other manufacturers, but still required Ford to recall over 1.5 million vehicles. To help prevent such a disaster in the future, Ford has told Takata that they won’t be using their airbags anymore.

Joining the ranks of Honda, Toyota, and Nissan, Ford said that they will no longer be using the company’s airbag components. That’s a lot of automakers that once were buying their stuff that no longer will be.

Ford hasn’t ruled out buying other components from the company. For example, Takata makes seat belts. Though, considering how safe their airbags turned out to be, I’m not sure I’d want to buy anything from that company.

Losing some of the big automakers as clients for your products will surely hurt the bottom line. Will Takata have the financial wherewithal to survive this recall and safety mess? Only time will tell.

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via [Automotive News]

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