Ford’s Revolutionary Trucker Cap Aims to Reduce Auto Accidents

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SafeCap is trained to monitor driver’s head movements with hopes of detecting a driver on the verge of dozing off.

Despite their absence from the North American market, Ford creates several different models of heavy trucks around the world. One of those models is the Ford Cargo, which celebrates its 60th anniversary of production in Brazil.

In order to celebrate the important milestone, Ford Slaviero and a Sao Paolo-based creative firm have set out to improve the working conditions of the very people who drive these Ford semi-trucks. The invention is called the SafeCap, and it utilizes similar technology to the one found in an average smartphone.

Equipped with a gyroscope and an accelerometer, the SafeCap is trained to monitor the head movements with the hopes of detecting a driver on the verge of dozing off. The two companies studied the common head movements of a truck driver while at the wheel, and they realized that most are done to the left and right in order to check their blindspot, and a quick look down at the speedo from time to time.


As a result, they also figured out which head movements are associated with falling asleep at the wheel. When the SafeCap detects the driver’s head bobbing up and down with sudden and fast movements instead of smooth and controlled, the cap emits a series of lights, vibrations, and sounds.

The goal is for drivers to be quickly brought back from lalaland before they’re really on their way there. Oswaldo Ramos, Ford’s head of sales and marketing in Brazil, claims that they are currently working on mass-producing the SafeCap.

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