Ford ‘Robutt’ Ensures Seats are Comfy for Years to Come

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Robutt uses ‘sweat’ experiment and other innovations to ensure comfort and durability.

Where do we spend most of our time with our Ford trucks? If you said “inside driving them,” you’d be correct. Thus, it’s important for our trucks’ seats to be comfortable and durable for years and years after purchase; otherwise, we wouldn’t be Ford truck enthusiasts.

Ford knows this, and its European subsidiary has developed a unique way of testing seats to ensure that quality remains Job 1: the Robutt.

Ford Robutt

One way the Robutt, first used on the European-market 2018 Fiesta, helps Ford make the best seats around is through a sweat test. For three days, the Robutt is placed on a given seat 7,500 times, bouncing and twisting and sitting every time. It’s also heated to match the body temp of a human, and then soaked in water in much the same way a hard day at the construction site or the gym leaves us in a ton of sweat.

A similar test leaves the water behind, using instead a Robutt with a back and all covered in padding and cloth to mimic a decade of seat time in three weeks. A metallic Robutt, meanwhile, measures the softness and elasticity of given seat.

Ford Robutt

As Ford of Europe Body and Chassis Labs engineer Florian Rohwer told The Daily Mail, “The Robutt is a great way to check our seats will look good for years to come. Cars are a part of our everyday lives, and at this time of year in particular, so is exercise.”

All we can say is this is one butt we can get behind.

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